About the Neighbourhoods Foundation

Neighbourhoods Foundation is a charitable trust incorporated in New Zealand. It is the parent entity for the Neighbourhoods project. It steers development of the open source Social Sensemaker, maintains and facilitates $NHT liquidity and availability, and directs development of the marketplace.

The Trust's objectives are to build and maintain our suite of tools for sense-making, for the creation of digital social spaces that are community and mission-driven, and to commit the project to...

  • the participant ownership and control over their means of communication, information sharing, and record-keeping;

  • the development of local systems of discoverability of content and services;

  • enabling stewardship and enhancement of archives of local knowledge;

  • community-centered auditing and validation of the provenance of data sets;

  • facilitation and support of the use of the Social Sensemaker at no cost;

  • the development of an ecosystem of compatible applications;

  • and free educational opportunities for community members in New Zealand and virtually.


Information about our growing team is updated regularly, and available at this link.

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