Neighbourhoods Bazaar

Because any given neighbourhood is comprised of generic web tools overlain by culture design afforded by the NH framework, an ecosystem of interoperable, modular tools is required. The Bazaar is a neighbourhood run by the Neighbourhoods project itself to facilitate the development of these tools, relationships between communities and developers, and settlements between them.

In exchange for this service, the Neighbourhoods organization will assess a nominal fee on all transactions occurring across bazaar instances*. This fee builds reserves and sustains the project in the long term.

The bazaar is agnostic to the financial model a neighbourhood uses to fund its operations. Its purpose is to facilitate transfers of value between neighbourhoods, however they organize internally, and applet developers who serve many different neighbourhoods. For instance, a community may opt to use the Social Sensemaker with applets they have built themselves; in such a case, there is no requisite use of the Neighbourhoods Bazaar, nor $NHT.

The bazaar is designed so that…

  • tools are Holochain and Social Sensemaker compliant applets,

  • market pressure is strategically honed to drive standardization (without needlessly locking communities in to the use of any specific applet),

  • crowd-pooling lowers costs for communities by distributing the costs of initial development and maintenance over time,

  • sensemaking around offers and needs limits the cost of coordinating development work and facilitates relationships across different neighbourhoods.

*on top of other network fees pertaining to the settlement currency used (e.g. Gwei for ERC-20 transafers, credit card processing fees, ACH or wire fees for transfers of national currencies)

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