Roles in the Bazaar

Applet Developers

Neighbourhoods provides developers a pathway to experiment with Holochain development in a meaningful way. By creating small, pluggable applets for the Bazaar, developers can iterate on ultra-slim stacks with and for neighbourhoods participants. They can do all this without having to create a company of their own or spend time white labeling a platform per community. Developers can

  • easily build relationships across communities of purpose

  • utilize sense-making functions of the Bazaar to understand users' real needs,

  • and enjoy wage guarantees via our crowd-pooling model.

Community Activators & User-Members

Community activators are those seeking generic tools to promote group coordination, resource sharing, and the advancement of common interest, whatever that may be, in their communities. An activator may be a leader, a moderator, or a whole group acting together to bundle tools with intentionally designed reputation, culture, guidelines, entry criteria, and cross-neighbourhood data porting.

Community activators and User-Members can

  • pool funds with other neighbourhoods to lower costs of the tools they intend to use,

  • utilize our sense-making systems to improve their ability to articulate their needs and catalyze their community,

  • be a part of a broader community using the NH framework,

  • and match with developers who can translate these to social tools.

Neighbourhoods Foundation and Team

The Neighbourhoods Foundation will play a facilitative role in the Bazaar, particularly in phase one of its rollout. It will direct the development of the initial marketplace applet set, taking care to connect communities and applet developers by holding a space for applet development 'offers' and community 'needs', fee settlements, development time-tracking, applet usage statistics, and other needs in response to pilot communities and early adopters.

Some of these are detailed in the next section.

$NHT Holders

Backers of the Neighbourhoods Project will be able to participate in the governance of $NHT itself, including its utility, transaction fees associated with usage of $NHT in the Bazaar, treasury management, and reserve usage. As such, $NHT holders support the Neighbourhoods project's transition from an early stage start-up to one with internally generated cash flows.

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