Ecosystem Development Partners

There are a few different facets of our strategy for Neighbourhoods’ adoption, all of which involve leveraging users, enthusiasts, and builders of the core distributed ledger technology atop which the Social Sensemaker is built and the modules to which it will connect.

Our critical partnerships in the areas of design, implementation, developer education, and community building are key to making the widespread adoption of the Neighbourhoods framework a reality.

Sacred Capital - design partner

Holochain - core infrastructure partner

Holo - developer education & hosting partner

Lightningrod Labs - design partner

Rain Protocol - DeFi liquidity management

The sociotechnical makeup of the low-code marketplace and the NH-credit mechanism, here focused on software development, is designed in such a way as to be replicable in other economic contexts. Looking forward, between and beyond these partnerships, our hope is that new economic contexts so afforded will comprise a shared future of Neighbourhoods-style spaces making up a supple, interoperable system supporting the flow of non-monetary value across diverse communities.

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