White Paper

Low-Code Marketplace

Within Neighbourhoods, each community can combine their own specific culture with generic tools to create a neighbourhood that works in its own unique way. To achieve this, an ecosystem of interoperable, modular "basic web tools" is required.
The low-code marketplace is a fully decentralized market (DeMa) for neighbourhoods and developers, to exchange basic web tools for social coordination, and compensation for time.
The marketplace ensures that all the tools are Holochain and Social Sensemaker compliant modules. By "decentralized marketplace" we mean that the marketplace operates as an always-accessible, automated, credit accounting mechanism living in each and every neighbourhood, connected to developers.
The marketplace is designed so that…
  • Market pressure is strategically honed to drive standardization and drive down the cost of module development
  • Standardized modules lower costs for communities by distributing the costs of initial development and maintenance over time
  • Developer livelihood and engagement comes from a thriving marketplace