White Paper


Siddharth Sthalekar
Sid’s experience spans from heading South Asia's largest trading desk to exploring distributed economic paradigms in the Gandhi Ashram in India. He is the founder of Sacred Capital, a Singapore based organisation that has developed reputation infrastructure for Neighbourhoods.
Jethro Cramp
Jethro has been growing ventures for 25 years spanning everything from granite quarrying in the heart of China to secure connected computers in Finland. Open source software is very close to his heart and all his (ad)ventures have relied heavily on it.
Michael Hueschen
Michael has a background in programming language theory & functional programming (particularly Haskell). A guiding theme of his current work is exploring how peer-to-peer computer technologies can facilitate more egalitarian organizational structures and societies.
Emaline Friedman
Emaline writes and speaks about technology, psychoanalysis, and social theory. Since 2017 she has been exploring whether distributed systems technologies can support equitable, planetary-scale computation for the benefit of human societies during the era of climate emergency.
Jean Russell
Jean committed her life to thrivability. Jean explores operationalizing cooperation through complexity at many scales and, since 2006, has specifically inquired into social technology, reputation currency, personal data and privacy, and commoning as dimensions of that.
Pablo Somonte Ruano
Pablo works as an interaction designer, media artist, researcher and musician in the fields of ambiguous software, generative systems, transmedia narratives, p2p networks and odd music.